My Name is David

February 17, 2012


Aloha, everybody! It’s a great honor to meet you all here. My name is David. Huh! I know what’s on your mind: OMG, another David? Give me a break, man! Get something original! Well, every name has its own meaning, and mine is no exception. You know what? David in Herbrew means a strong, smart […]

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What Did We Do to A Friend?

October 14, 2011


This morning was like any other morning. I woke up on the cold ground, still hungry. I’m always hungry. The nice lady down the road gives me some of her food but she is as skinny as me. My girlfriend came to see me this morning. She lives with a nice family. They are home […]

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A Poem: What is Love

August 28, 2011


L O V E by C. S. Lewis Love’s as warm as tears, Love is tears: Pressure within the brain, Tension at the throat, Deluge, weeks of rain, Haystacks afloat, Featureless seas between Hedges, where once was green Love’s as fierce as fire, Love is fire: All sorts–Infernal heat Clinkered with greed and pride, Lyric […]

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Steve Jobs: You’ve got to find what you love

August 25, 2011


This is a prepared text of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005. from Stanford Report, June 14, 2005 I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated […]

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Loved: Through the Skin to the Real Self Inside

August 24, 2011


We’re all magnets attracting and repelling each other, filled with defensive fear, setting up barriers and protective distances which go against our purposes, and that there is no help from anywhere else, and that there is no faith beyond love. From Erin Dignam‘s Loved (1997) Starring William Hurt and Robin Wright The following review is […]

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Happiness is only Real when Shared

August 22, 2011


When you have 5 apples, don’t eat them all by yourself. Share with 4 different people instead. You may have lost 4 apples, but in fact you win their friendship and a bigger return. Giving what you have to others in need is more rewarding and happiness is only real when shared.

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Brandaholic: What Are the Chinese People up to?

June 30, 2011


A picture taken 4 years was updated on (China’s Twitter), and up to today, it’s been forwarded 17,442 times and 3,276 comments has been made. It was taken when Louis Vuitton established its first outlet store in Nanjing, capital city in Jiangsu Province. The moral behind this picture is: Chinese people have gone crazy […]

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